Design Range

taylor'd DISTINCTION are specialists in designing buildings that utilise efficient and clever designs, that compliment the environs and fit comfortably within their natural surrounds. From small or corner allotments, traditional sites, waterfront or rural properties to commercial or industrial developments, Pete Taylor can design the concepts and finished plans necessary to make each project shine.

Aesthetics and functionality are integrated to form innovative designs, creating a building of style and sophistication. taylor'd DISTINCTION understands the importance of multi-functionality to maximise space and the inter-relationship of rooms and zoning to create harmony between interior and exterior spaces. Our design range includes:

  • Builders... have been very impressed... commenting what a pleasure it was to quote from such professional work.

    K & W Parnell, renovations
  • (Peter's) continued support to me during this planning and preparation to build stage, is very much appreciated and valued. Awesome service.

    Cathy Sinnott, Moffat Beach
  • (Peter's) skill and expertise are second to none and even after the final payment has been made, he is more than willing to help out with any queries. Nothing is too much trouble.

    Peter & Karen Boyle, Beerwah

Sustainable design

taylor'd DISTINCTION are qualified in eco-friendly sustainable designers. Pete Taylor has practised the principles of energy efficient building systems for many years prior to government legislation. Previously seen as "using alternative materials and construction methods", today's energy efficient designs incorporate stylish and high-tech products and building materials that are used to enhance the buildings aesthetics whilst providing excellent results in decreasing the operating costs of a building. Pete Taylor can provide advice on ways to reduce on-going utility costs by incorporating thoughtful planning initiatives that minimise the need for expensive services and equipment.

An energy efficient home is said to be a valuable asset as energy prices are constantly on the rise. The regulations stated by law are typically easily achieved in most designs situations, and taylor'd DISTINCTION can assist you with alternative building solutions to make your home an incredibly efficient and comfortable home for your family.

Traditional Allotments

Traditional allotments offer many opportunities to design your ideal home for your family. While the trend towards smaller allotments gains momentum, many clients still prefer more traditional sized blocks, for the feeling of space & increased relationships with outdoor living spaces. Pete Taylor invests time in the design brief stage to ensure the various zones & uses within your site are sensitively considered, adopting a whole of site approach.

The design & build are influenced by many factors (refer to design guide). Innovative design will provide a sense of place that utilises all areas of the site and maximises your investment. taylor'd DISTINCTION implements a "whole of site" approach to design. Where possible, the impact of vehicle movement and on-site garaging are reduced, garden areas are increased to include landscaping treatments and children's play areas, are all factors in good design on traditional allotments. More space equates to greater opportunity for the client to customise their design to suit their lifestyle. A family that enjoys entertaining can design a home that adapts to large gatherings effortlessly. The home may have defined areas for entertaining, areas for relaxation, areas for sleeping, quiet areas for study, and areas for utilities and services.

A taylor'd DISTINCTION home is reflection of your dreams and aspirations!

Design Guide

Small lot housing

The increasing need for affordable housing and societies demand for sustainable lifestyle buildings, are driving factors behind the resurgence of dwellings on small allotments.

taylor'd DISTINCTION are specialists in achieving designs that maximize the potential of small allotments. Due to the restrictions of the available site, the design must create the illusion of space.

Multi-functionality and the inter-relationship of rooms are critical to minimise wasted space. Rooms such as bedrooms may have "mobile walls" that can be opened during the day to borrow space to make adjoining rooms appear larger. Essentially, the seamless relationship between indoor and outdoors spaces is critical. Terraces and courtyards serve to extend the living rooms beyond the confines of walls and into the external spaces.

Due to the nature of residences being so close to their adjoining neighbours, thoughtful and strategic placement of windows will not only provide light & ventilation, but also ensure high levels of privacy for your family.

taylor'd DISTINCTION understands the design principles required for small lot housing. Together we can design a home that is functional & practical, a design that utilises all of the site, both internally and externally, your ideal family home.

Corner Allotments

Corner allotments provide a marvellous opportunity to approach planning and layouts from a different perspective from traditional, single frontage sites. taylor'd DISTINCTION has the expertise and experience to deliver a home that is custom designed for your unique site and individual needs.

Several important factors will influence the finished product. Perhaps most importantly, corner allotments are subject to building setbacks that are particular your site. These must be determined before proceeding with any conceptual design. Another consideration is vehicular access, whether via the primary or the secondary road frontage.

The function and placement of rooms is vital to ensure a family home that performs under all circumstances. Residences built on these allotments are naturally more exposed to the two road frontages, and therefore require design finesse to provide privacy to bedrooms, living areas and outdoors spaces, without compromising functionality.

Residences on corner allotments offer exciting opportunities to explore stunning elevations & facade treatments. Utilising the latest building products and eye for detail and proportion taylor'd DISTINCTION will deliver a home that is equally beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

Waterfront homes

Waterfront residences require a high level of skill, flair and design detailing. Taylor'd DISTINCTION design services will provide you with a definition of style that reflects your lifestyle.

Waterfront sites have 2 prominent frontages. Firstly, the street facade must make a statement of intent, setting the framework for what lies beyond. A grand entry feature that integrates the built form with refined landscaping features is often desired.

Secondly and perhaps the most important frontage is on the waterfront. The majority of lifestyle living is undertaken here, utilizing the water views from living and covered terraces. Careful planning and room placement can provide maximum use of view planes to the water, and channel cooling summer breezes for thermal comfort. Successful design blends open plan living with flexible alternatives for privacy when required.

Recessed courtyards and terraces can be effective in providing secluded sources of light and ventilation, and a connection to external landscaping features.

The status and expectation of waterfront sites, usually dictates the inclusion of large swimming pools that integrate closely with the building. Therefore it is vitally important to undertake a "whole of site" approach to design. Thoughtful considerations to positioning of service areas such as drying courts, water tanks etc. are necessary early in the conceptual designs.

Latest technological advances are integrated within the design, making sophisticated living a pleasure.

taylor'd DISTINCTION will help you create a truly elegant and contemporary residence.

Steep Sites

Steep sites often offer magnificent views and living amongst trees and nature. Appreciation of the site's natural beauty and how the home interacts with its surrounds demands careful site analysis. taylor'd DISTINCTION provides design solutions that respect the site's physical attributes and limitations.

The construction techniques required for your steep site can be used to reflect building form and style. Rather than being a distraction, clever design can present the structure in new and creative light. Pete's strong heritage in structural design gives him the advantage of interpreting these elements to enhance the buildings aesthetics.

The topography of the site provides opportunities to build homes that may feel spacious, without necessarily constructing large floor areas. The use of outdoor entertaining decks or pavilions can promote the idea of openness and endless views, combined with intelligent window styles and placements are important design factors in making your home a magnificent place. taylor'd DISTINCTION can design your perfect home amongst the trees!

Rural Allotments

Residences for rural allotments were traditionally noted for their practicalities. With the desire for "tree-change" and sustainable lifestyle becoming more popular, many families are choosing to build their home on rural or acreage properties.

taylor'd DISTINCTION understands the requirements of residential design that are unique for rural and acreage sites. We work closely with clients to formulate a design that offers the comforts of a modern home with consideration to its beautiful, natural surrounds.

The design principles of more urban settings are often maintained, however the visual link and physical connection to the environment is much more enhanced. Most clients will opt for a design that suits the context of the homes surroundings.

If a site is heavily contoured and timbered, the design may be elevated and reflect the forms, materials and colours of its surrounds. The approach is sympathetic to its immediate environ and tends to minimise the impact on the site.

Alternatively, on more rural orientated sites, where the site may be already cleared of trees etc., the design may encompass a more traditional rural architecture. Low set building with continuous verandahs and incorporating large outdoor living areas.

The benefits of space allow for generous provisions for leisure activities such as pool pavilions, tennis courts etc., which form the whole of site design approach.

A taylor'd DISTINCTION rural or acreage home will provide you a tranquil haven, a design in harmony with its natural environment.